RDA Will be taking off Spring 2017.We will resume Summer 2017.  Summer Days/Times/Programs are now available on their home pages!

Spring “Trifecta Training” Information:


• Play Begins Week of April 25th, 2016;

• Location: Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, 1500 Airport Rd, Binghamton

• Open to ALL Soccer Players; Boys & Girls Alike

• 1.5 Hours/1x per Week: 45 Min Strength, Speed & Agility + 45 Min Futsal (2 Games)***


*** 7/8/9 Year Age Group Will Have Shorter Strength, Speed & Agility, and Longer Futsal Programming


Why Strength, Speed & Agility ?


Today’s most highly skilled soccer player combines the power of coordination of the mind working in conjunction with the body as a whole. Development of a strong core, quick feet, improved running technique and multi-directional running ability will empower the player with better control over the body and ball. The player is better able to perform soccer drills and technique as desired at a faster rate, is less prone to injury and will execute proactively to game change on the soccer field.


Players will learn to use: Balance Balls, Agility Ladders,  Training Sleds, Resistance Bands, Hurdles, Jump Ropes and Power Harnesses.**


** 7/8/9 Year Age Group Will Have Limited Use of Certain Training Equipment for their Safety and Age Appropriate Development


What is Futsal?


Developed in Brazil, the game of Futsal uses a “dead soccer ball” with little or no bounce as it hits the floor. Heavier in weight than a traditional soccer ball, the size 4 Futsal Ball is harder to kick in the air. Futsal emphasizes “skills” as many goals are scored off a dribble or from closer in, with emphasis on improvisation, creativity, technique, ball control and effective passing in smaller spacing.


Days & Times:


• 7/8/9 Year Olds: Wednesdays, 5-6:30 pm

10/11 Year Olds: Thursdays, 5-6:30 pm SOLD OUT

• 12/13 Year Olds: Thursdays, 6:30-8 pm

14 Years & Up: Wednesdays, 6:30-8 pm SOLD OUT


*** If your schedule prohibits you from enrolling your child in the age-appropriate option of above, please contact Chris directly.


Session Dates:


April 27/28

May 4/5, 11/12, 18/19, 25/26

June 1/2


* Cost: $100 per Player per 6-Week Session

(Sessions are an Extra Half Hour Than Last Spring)



Registration opens Monday, April 4th at 8am!

(The League starts the week of April 25th @ the dome)


If you have any questions please email Chris at chris@rileydevelopmentacademy.com


Player Registration




Futsal Rules:


• After a goal is scored pull the boy directly out of the net and PLAY

• When ball goes out of bounds you may DRIBBLE or PASS to restart play

• All kick ins and free kicks are indirect except PK’s

• A PK will be awarded when the ball is touched inside the goal arc by ANY PLAYER

• Kids ref their own games (with the help of a volunteer)

• Score MUST be kept on the scoreboard provided

• Both teams must shake hands following a game

• Substitute on any stoppage



If a team gets down by 5 goals they may put another player on to play 4 on 3.  If they do not have a sub to put in the game, the other team must take 1 player off and play 3 on 2.  The game is played like this until the team playing up a man is back to within 2 goals.


Field Dimensions:  90’x48’


Goals 3x5



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